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Gemstones are considered by some to have special properties, attributes and energies, believing that good luck, health and success can be achieved through the giving and wearing of them. Traditionally, different gemstones have been assigned to different wedding anniversaries, in a similar way to anniversary gifts, to bestow good fortune onto the marriage.

The custom of giving certain gifts according to the number of years of marriage probably dates back to the Germans in the Middle Ages, where a wife was presented with a silver wreath after twenty-five years and a gold wreath after fifty years. This custom has grown and spread over the years, becoming popular in the Victorian era. The basis behind the gift giving was probably that stability should be rewarded and that the longer the marriage lasted, the more valuable the gift should be!

Traditionally not every year is commemorated, with variances between the UK and USA. There has been a move in recent years to modify the traditional list and assign gifts to more anniversaries. Our table shows the traditional list.
Freshwater Pearl Torsade Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Torsade Necklace

Year Anniversary Stone Traditional Anniversary Gift
    UK USA
1st Gold Jewellery Cotton Paper
2nd Garnet Paper Cotton
3rd Pearl Leather Leather
4th Blue Topaz Fruit & Flowers Linen 
5th Sapphire Wood Wood
6th Amethyst Iron Sugar
7th Onyx Wool Copper or Wool
8th Tourmaline Salt Bronze
9th Lapis Lazuli Copper Pottery
10th Diamond Jewellery Tin  Tin or Aluminium
11th Turquoise Steel
12th Jade Silk Silk 
13th Citrine Lace
14th Opal Ivory
15th Ruby Crystal Crystal
16th Peridot
17th A Watch or Carnelian
18th Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Porcelain
19th Aquamarine
20th Emerald China China
21st Iolite
22nd Spinel
23rd Topaz
24th Tanzanite Opal
25th Silver Jewellery Silver
30th Pearl Jubilee Pearl Pearl
35th Emerald Coral Coral or Jade
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Jewellery Gold
55th Alexandrite Emerald
60th Diamond Diamond Diamond
65th Blue Sapphire or Blue Spinel Blue Sapphire
70th Sapphire Jubilee Platinum
75th Platinum Diamond or Gold
80th Ruby Jubilee Oak
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